Are you getting ready for soccer tryouts and would like the best soccer training in Brampton, ON? If so, come to AFC South Hampton.

Here at AFC South Hampton, we believe that every player is capable of improving his or her overall soccer performance. We are committed to providing the instruction and support to give our players the best opportunity to reach their potential, regardless of age or level.

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3 Keys to Successful Soccer Tryouts

Does your aspiring soccer star need some pointers to secure their spot on the team? Here are 3 keys to focus on to ensure successful soccer tryouts.

  • Teamwork. While individual skills are important, it takes the entire group to win the game. Show your coach you know how to cooperate to maximize your potential value.

  • Speak up. In any life relationship, communication is key. Ask questions and be vocal at appropriate times to illustrate your willingness to talk through issues with all of your teammates.

  • Be coachable. This ties into the teamwork aspect of the sport. Your coach needs someone who is willing to learn. Turn down the rock star aspects of your personality, listen carefully to instructions, and accept feedback gracefully.


Hone your skills to ensure the best soccer tryouts possible at AFC Southhampton in the Brampton, ON area of Canada.


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