3 Characteristics of a Superior Soccer Club

Looking for a soccer club in Canada to help nurture your young one into a superstar? Here are 3 things to look for to ensure you make the right choice.

  • Multilevel play. Make sure your little one will receive appropriate and relevant instruction by choosing a school that offers multiple programs. This shouldn't be limited to just the age group. It's important to remember that skills can vary drastically between chronological peers.

  • Real world practice. Schools that support teams in academic leagues give your children the chance to practice what they learn right away. This gives them experience in what it takes to win games, which is a vital part of reaching the upper levels of academic and professional play.

  • Comprehensive philosophy. A good soccer club emphasizes all aspects of what it takes to be a good player. This includes mental qualities and attitudes as well. Pick a school that will teach your player to be a better person both on and off the field.


AFC Southhampton is a high-quality soccer club in the Brampton, ON area of Canada. Contact us to learn how we can help your players grow into the best version of themselves.