3 Keys to Successful Soccer Development Training

Looking for ways to support your child's growth on the soccer field? Here are 3 strategies you can use in your at-home soccer development training that don't require a coach.

  • Make good records. Keep track of exercises, timed drills, and other training activities. A plain spiral notebook is fine. For more high-tech trainers, there are a variety of apps you can download to your smartphone.

  • Emphasize drills. You aren't a coach, so you may not be able to instill more advanced knowledge. However, you can help your child maximize their drills.

  • Make it fun. Take your child to the playground for a no-stress game with friends, put them in a neighborhood summer league, or reward them when they work especially hard. Make it fun so your child doesn't lose their passion.


AFC Southhampton offers soccer development training for young players in the Brampton, ON area of Canada. Contact us for information on how we can help your child hone their soccer skills.